This X-Factor Build is ready to take your crawling to the next level. We've got the formidable Trench King M/T Tires (64mm) to conquer rugged terrain and the sleek White Cyclone Beadlock Wheels that combine style with durability. The Comp Frame Kit forms the sturdy foundation, complemented by billet shock towers and front and rear billet shock tower braces for strength and durability. The billet front bumper offers protection, while the all-billet transmission ensures smooth power delivery. With the Creeper brushless motor, Furitek Lizard Pro ESC, LG3C Radio & Receiver, and Tremor Performance servo, you have precision control at your fingertips. The X-Factor Lexan Body adds style, and the 54mm long travel shocks provide crawling confidence and flexibility when you need it. Billet assembled Super 8 front and rear axles, brass 4mm hex adaptors, brass limit strap, brass black knuckles, and brass black tie rods complete this comprehensive build list.

Build Breakdown:

Trench King M/T tires (64mm)

White Cyclone Bead lock Wheels 

Comp Frame Kit

  • billet shock towers
  • Billet shock tower braces (front and rear)
  • Billet front bumper

All billet transmission

Creeper brushless motor

Furitek Lizard Pro ESC

LG3C Radio & Receiver  

Tremor Performance servo

Billet Tremor Performance Servo Mount

X-Factor Lexan body

54mm long travel shocks

Billet assembled Super 8 front axle

Billet assembled Super 8 rear axle

  • Brass black Knuckles 
  • Brass black Steering Links 

Brass 4mm Hex adaptors

Brass Limit Strap