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Introducing LGRP's® all-new 1/24 comp frame kit, the latest addition to our SCX24™ compatible chassis kits. Say goodbye to the dilemma of choosing between scale and performance, as this kit offers the perfect blend of both. With unparalleled versatility, it allows you to customize your RC vehicle to your liking. Explore limitless possibilities and create the look you desire. Experience the ultimate in RC customization with our game-changing 1/24 comp frame kit.

This Competition Frame Kit will be the standard moving forward with LGRP® new chassis kits. you will need this frame kit in order to mount our chassis kits to the frame properly. The only chassis' that are not compatible with this frame kit are the Ripper Chassis kit and the Ultra24 Chassis kit.

1. Compatibility Options:

- The kit can be run with the X-Factor Lexan Body and/or the X-Factor Tube Chassis designed specifically for this frame kit.

- The chassis kit is also compatible with running the body over the chassis.

2. Compact Electronics Compatibility:

- Designed to accommodate the most competitive and compact electronics available on the market, such as our Creeper brushless motor or the Furitek Micro Komodo, without requiring any modifications.

3. Customizable Build:

- The kit allows you to build it according to your preferences.

- Out of the box, it includes billet aluminum frame rails, link set, and skid plate.

- Additional billet upgrades are available for purchase separately.

4. Flippable Skid Plate:

- The skid plate can be easily flipped, allowing you to run a forward-facing motor or a rearward-facing motor.

- Note: The interior of the kit is designed for a forward-facing motor setup.

5. Super 8 Axle Set Compatibility:

- This kit is designed around and compatible with our super 8 front and rear axle kits, which will offer enhanced performance. We recommend using our Super 8 axles as the wider suspension mounting points will help suspension geometry. If you plan to use stock style axles, there will be a chance that you will need to make modifications in order to get optimal suspension set up.

6. Modular Shock Tower Design:

- The kit features a modular shock tower design, enabling you to adjust the shock mount angle and ride height according to your preferences.

- This allows you to optimize your setup to your liking.

7. Refined Rectangular Tube Frame:

- The kit utilizes a similar style rectangular tube frame as found under a stock SCX24™.

- However, it has been refined to mount all electronics as low as possible, ensuring optimal weight distribution for improved performance.

8. Adjustable Anti Squat/Anti Dive:

- The kit provides six upper link mounting points, allowing for adjustable anti-squat and anti-dive settings.

- This feature gives you greater control and customization over the suspension setup.

9. Servo Bind Elimination:

- The unique frame rail design eliminates any servo bind issues when using larger common servos on the market, such as our Tremor servo.

- This ensures smooth and reliable operation of the servo.

10. Optimized Wheelbase:

- The kit is designed around a 160mm wheelbase, which provides the perfect length-to-width-to-tire-height ratio for 24th scale builds.

- This design consideration enhances the overall balance and performance of the vehicle.


Parts needed to complete 1/24 Competition Frame kit:
 - Creeper Brushless Motor (or comparable motor)
- Creeper Motor Mount (or comparable mount)
- Furitek lizard pro 30a/50a ESC (or comparable ESC)
- Heavy Duty Billet transmission (or comparable Transmission)
- Battery (click here for LGRPs® recommendation)
- X/R Factor Lexan body (or comparable body)
- LG3C Radio/Receiver (or comparable radio/receiver) 
- Super 8 axle set (Front and Rear)
- LGRP® Billet Rear upper link mount (or comparable mount)
- Tremor servo tray (For correct front link geometry)

What's included:

1) Set of billet aluminum frame rails (T-7075 Aluminum)

1) Billet aluminum skid plate (T-7075 Aluminum)

8) Billet aluminum links with link balls (T-7075 Aluminum)

4) Shock towers (Printed)

1) Shock tower support mounted body mount (Printed)

1) Body mount post (Printed)

2) shock tower supports (Printed)

1) Battery tray (Printed)

1) Rear electronics tray (Printed)

1) Rear body mount tray (Printed)

1) Rear body mount hinge (T-7075 aluminum)

1) Front bumper (T-7075 aluminum)

1) Set of rock sliders (Printed)

1) Set of rock slider extensions (Printed)

4) 1.5mm shock spacers (Printed)

1) Stainless steel socket head hardware pack

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To Ensure Proper Body Fitment:
When mounting the X Factor Lexan Body to your X-Factor Chassis Kit/ Comp Frame Kit, precision is key. To prevent any fitment issues with the rock sliders, make sure that the front edge of the body is pushed forward so that it sits perfectly flush on the bumper before marking your drill point. Once the body is drilled properly, the body will have to be pushed forward onto the post and keeps the body under constant tension preventing misalignment. This ensures a secure fit and prevents the sides of the body from popping out of the rock sliders when the vehicle flexes. If you have any questions, please email us and we will do our best to help you.

For instructions/ assembly, click Here

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.” WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.”