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Introducing LGRP® Billet Super 8 Axles, the ultimate solution for achieving the benefits of wheel wideners without any of the drawbacks! Designed, engineered, and manufactured by LGRP®, these axles offer enhanced stability, corrected geometry, and improved performance without compromising on reliability.

Featuring widened link and shock mounts, these axles provide better stability and ensure corrected link and shock geometry, resulting in optimal handling on various terrains. The third-member style carrier adds a sleek and smooth look to both the front and back of your vehicle.

The Super 8 Front Axles are thoughtfully equipped with 2/12T worm gears. In contrast, the Super 8 Rear Axles feature 2/16T worm gears. This specific gear configuration is designed to create an overdrive rotation in the front, contributing to the optimal performance and handling of your Rig.

LGRP® Axles are equipped with +8 hardened steel rear axle shafts, making them incredibly durable and capable of handling the hardest lines. Being +8mm width per side over stock, resulting in a total width increase of 16mm, hex pin to hex pin center measures 99.5mm. These axles offer improved stability compared to stock axles.

The high clearance housing and differential case design allow for obstacle clearance and smoother operation. 

Compatible with most aftermarket rear upper link mounts, these axles offer versatility and compatibility with existing setups. Please note that 3mm hex adaptors and rear upper link mounts are necessary components that need to be purchased separately or supplied by the customer.

What's Included:
(1) Pre-assembled Super 8 rear axle kit (7075 housing / Satin Grey anodized)
 Spare parts included- O-rings for links and hardware


Needed to Complete:
- Wheel hexes / hex pins
- Rear upper link mount

For a successful installation of the Super 8 Rear Axle axle kit, please take note that you'll require a rear upper link mount, which is not included in this kit. You have two options to secure this essential part: firstly, you can conveniently purchase it from us; we offer rear upper link mounts designed to work seamlessly with our axle kit. Alternatively, you can utilize a factory rear upper link mount from a set of stock SCX24™ axles if you have them on hand.

It's important to keep in mind that these axles are specifically designed for builders and are intended for use with stretched wheelbase crawlers. When installing them on a vehicle with stock-length links, you may encounter issues such as binding of the link joints on the axles or chassis, which can lead to reduced articulation and wheel travel. To optimize performance, we recommend running lower links with a minimum eye-to-eye length of 60mm on a vehicle equipped with a stock SCX24™ style triangulated lower link skid plate.

NOTE: These axles are designed to perform best with the Tremor servo or E-Max servo with LGRP® servo tray.

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.” WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to”