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Little Guy Racing Parts® noticed there was a void in the market for a quality front axle shaft set for the SCX24™ platform and LGRP® is here to fill the void with our in-house designed and manufactured LGRP's® Super 8 Extreme CVD Axle Shaft Kit. This is an industry first for the SCX platform, Hardened steel CVD axle shaft set. LGRP™ tested and proven. 

LGRP's® Super 8 Extreme CVD Axle Shaft Kit is a must-have upgrade for competition crawlers and hardcore wheelers

Difference between V1 and V2:

Enhanced Strength: As they may look almost exactly the same as our generation 1 shafts, the V2 shafts have proven to be significantly stronger. We have carefully analyzed the weak points of the V1 shafts and completely re-designed each and every part of the assembly to maximize durability and bring the weak point of the shaft into the pin that holds the CVD together which means rebuilds and repairs will be a fraction of the cost, compared to buying a new set of axles.

High-quality Material: Another critical change we made in the re-design was our choice of material. V2 shafts use 4340 CROMOLY (Very common material in 1:1 high-performance aftermarket off-road parts). 4340 has a much greater fatigue resistance as well as wear resistance compared to the hardened steel #45 (very common for hobby-grade parts) used in V1 axle shafts.

Steel Lip add-on: We also added a steel lip into the edge of the stub shaft to prevent the drive pin hole from wallowing out over time as well as if the CVD drive pin does break, the odds of it destroying the stub shaft at the same time are much lower, again reducing the parts needed to make a repair in the event of the CVD drive pin breaking.

Re-engineered weak points: Another common breaking point of the V1 CVD is where the shaft necks down between the ball of the CVD on the inner shaft and the outer axle tube bearing. We've again taken real-world motorsports technology and scaled it down. Doing this will greatly reduce the stress riser on the weakest point of the inner axle shaft to help take torsional load and stress out of the turned down section and place it into the turned down section of axle shaft inside the axle tubes.

Increased Angle: Last but not least with all of these changes we felt comfortable turning up the heat with steering angle. V1 axles maxed out at 39* of steering angle, V2 Shafts are capable of pushing 41* of steering angle again compared to stock and aftermarket "dog bone" style axle shafts capable of only 27* of steering.

These are just a few of the many changes we made to the newest generation of axles. V2 axle shafts are a direct replacement for V1 super 8 axle shafts, no modifications are necessary.

Why CVD? CV stands for "Constant Velocity" which means you have a smooth spinning and constant wheel speed 100% of the time. On top of that, the traditional "dog bone" axles are very limited on capable steering angle and binds easily.

What's included: 

- (2) Assembled Extreme CVD Axle Shafts 

WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.” WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to”