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Presenting our meticulously designed transmission, carefully engineered from the ground up to cater to a variety of different style SCX24™ builds. We recognized a gap in the market for a transmission that offers multiple gearing options, allowing you to finely tune your vehicle's performance and adapt it to your driving preferences.

This transmission fits into most SCX24® pattern skid plates (use our provided diagram to see which style skids are compatible without modification), boasting a compact design that minimizes its footprint while maximizing its capabilities. Comparable in size to the factory transmission, it's a seamless upgrade. This transmission includes a compatible motor plate for our Creeper Brushless motor or the Furitek Micro Komodo. We strongly recommend using our 12T pinion gear for most compatible motor setups for best fitment and performance.

Please keep in mind, that this transmission does not overdrive/underdrive a singular output shaft. Both front and rear outputs will spin at the same speed no matter which ratio you install. Our "overdriven" and "underdriven" percentages are referring to the output speed compared to stock. For example, the 21% ratio that the transmission comes with at full throttle will spin the transmission outputs 21% faster than a stock transmission. The point of this transmission is to finely tune the amount of total front and rear wheel speed.

We offer 5 different gear ratios for this transmission: 

(2.18:1 is stock in our pre-assembled Multi Ratio Transmissions) 

3.11:1 (15% Underdriven) is recommended for cars that need more bottom-end torque and an extremely smooth low-end power curve.

2.68:1 (Stock SCX24™ ratio) 
Great all-around choice for a crawler, maintaining the exact same gear ratio the SCX24 comes with stock

2.18:1 (21% Overdriven) 
Paired with our Creeper brushless motor, this gear set option still has extremely smooth crawling capabilities with a little more wheel speed on the top end over stock.

1.91:1 (34% Overdriven) 
Our personal favorite gear set for the creeper, you lose very little bottom-end control but we still consider this a very capable crawler gear set with the perfect amount of top-end wheel speed with a 2s lipo.

1.5:1 (54% Overdriven)
If you have a go-fast or rock bouncer-type build with a big motor or running on 3S this is the gearset for you. Still has pretty good crawling capabilities, less bottom-end throttle control but an extremely noticeable top-end power gain.

Disclaimer* the overdrive gear sets will progressively make the motor work harder the closer you get to 1:1. While we provide these options, it's essential to keep in mind that LGRP® cannot be held liable for motor damage or drivetrain breakage resulting from rigorous use.

Disclaimer* this transmission will not work with the LGRP Billet skid Plate for SCX24™ due to a cross support section on the skid plate that interfers with the transmission mount. We are working to redesign our SCX24™ Billet Skid plate to correct this issue and make them compatible with each other.

What's included:

(1) Pre-assembled Transmission with 21% overdrive gear set

(1) Hardened steel 55T spur gear

(3) 1.4 x 5mm mounting bolts



WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.” WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.”